O Deus ASIO Link Pro 

This driver allows you to host your real ASIO driver and add windows audio with no additional latency. It also allows you to use your ASIO driver from more than one application with the inbuilt multi-client support, and you can even send ASIO audio over the network.

The driver is great value for money for people who need to monitor or record from windows audio or just want to jam with their favourite tunes!


  • No additional ASIO latency!
  • Supports 64 ASIO Input and 64 ASIO Output Channels
  • 4 surround (7.1) or 16 Stereo WDM ASIOVADPRO devices
  • Route and mix WDM (windows) audio into ASIO inputs for the host program
  • Route and mix WDM audio into ASIO drivers outputs
  • Route and mix ASIO driver output to WDM stereo mix
  • Record up to 8 channels of audio to FLAC file
  • Multi-client support allows use from more than one application
  • Send and receive up to 16 channels of ASIO audio over the network
  • Control routings and volumes of all mixed channels

Download O Deus ASIO Link Pro and purchase (with PayPal under the image) for $49.95 AUD for a single machine license because the driver sound cuts out for 5 seconds every minute until registered. Also, installs are transferrable to different machines.

You can also download the documentation which will be installed anyway if you download the driver.

Owners of the original O Deus ASIO Link can still download it here or optionally Upgrade to O Deus ASIO Link Pro. Please note that the upgrade is not mandatory as we still support the original version.

Installs required (installs are transferrable to different machines)

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