O Deus ASIO Link Pro 


The first ASIO driver to mix WDM audio into ASIO! The first ASIO driver to make multi-client support simple! This unique ASIO audio mixer driver adds tremendous new functionality to your audio interface ASIO driver for multi-client support, WDM audio routing and audio over IP.


  • Extremely high performance for Pro Audio apps
  • Zero added ASIO latency
  • 64 IN + 64 OUT virtual ASIO channels
  • 32 IN + 32 OUT WDM audio channels
  • 16 IN + 16 OUT network audio channels
  • Multi-client mode means ASIO for up to 25 apps
  • Works without internal WDM or ASIO audio resampling
  • Record lossless 8 channel audio to FLAC file
  • Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
  • Route audio to/from ASIO, WDM (MME DX WASAPI) and LAN/NET

Download O Deus ASIO Link Pro and purchase (with PayPal under the image) for $49.95 AUD for a single machine license because the driver sound cuts out for 5 seconds every minute until registered. Also, installs are transferable to different machines. You can also download the documentation.

Owners of the original ASIO Link can still download it here or optionally Upgrade to O Deus ASIO Link Pro. Please note that the upgrade is not mandatory as we still support the original version.

Installs required (installs are transferable to different machines)

With ASIO Link Pro you can

  • Send DAW ASIO output to screen casting software
  • Send DAW ASIO output to input of another DAW with multi-client mode
  • Listen to windows audio while running your DAW with ASIO
  • Route audio anywhere at all!

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